Friday, December 30, 2011

Personal Hygiene

If we consider any natural or manmade disaster that could stop the semi trucks from delivering to our local stores, one of the first places we are going to be in trouble is personal hygiene. I have added links to several websites on making your own diapers, feminine pads and toilet paper. Even if you are not nuts about using them now, it would be an essential part of your preparedness to have them made and ready to go. Trying to store a year's supply of toilet paper for a large family could fill a room! Just a thought.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Start with Health

We decided that we needed to start with our health. If the economy collapses, there will be no finances or resources to recover from terrible diseases. The best option to me, is to get healthy and stay healthy. My mother connected me with a book, "Eat to Live" by Joel Fuhrman. It really makes you stop and look at what you are eating and what it is doing to your body. Brad and I started on this diet in October, 2011 and both lost 7 pounds in 8 weeks. More importantly, is how much better we feel eating real food.

I set up checkup appointments for both of us at our doctor. I plan to get eye doctor and dentist appointments set up too. I want to take care of any problems and prevent as many as possible.

Why a blog?

Around October, 2011 a friend let Brad borrow "The Cleansing of America" by W. Cleon Skousen. In it, he outlines through scriptures and prophesy what will happen to America and the world before the Second Coming. After he returned that book to its owner, he was given a second book to read, "Through the Window of Life" by Suzanne Freeman.

Where "The Cleansing of America" touches on what will happen mostly with the gathering to Zion, "Through the Window of Life" tells what will happen before the gathering. I found a third book, "There is No Death" by Sarah LaNelle Menet that is in agreement with both the other books. The last two books are visions given when these ladies died and then were sent back to earth.

I think what really hits me is the feeling that this time is very close. Suzanne talks a lot about having a charitable heart and following the commandments. She says you need to be prepared but not afraid. When we had a big storm hit here and we lost water one day and power another, I realized just how unprepared we really are. It was a wake up call.

My mind has been racing for the last two months as I am learning quickly the many different ways we can start preparing. If these books are totally wrong, there is still no harm in preparing. If they are right, everyone who take action will be ready and not afraid. I started rereading The Book of Mormon last month, this time with the thought that we are actually in the last days. It has completely changed how I read the scriptures, if you consider that this could be hitting us in one to five years.

I have been on my own personal debt payoff program and have decided to put the extra money into food storage and preparedness for a few months. The debt can survive for a while, but the need to be prepared cannot wait. I plan to find links to other websites, books, information, anything that could help someone trying to put this all together in this blog. Every one's needs are different and your priorities will be different. I will take you on my journey as Brad and I try to organize our home and get prepared.

Underlying all the temporal preparedness you must build a spiritual base. Without faith, prayer, scriptures, testimony and the words of modern prophets firmly planted in your heart, all of the preparation will be in vain. You cannot lose heart or forget the Lord when times get extremely difficult. Even if it is not a national or local disaster, there are many trials in your life that can test your faith in Heavenly Father. Build a strong spiritual base.

I would challenge each person to pray about this for themselves. Find the direction the Lord would send you and then accomplish your goals. Prophets have been telling us for years to get prepared, have a food storage, get out of debt and own your home. There is nothing new here. I think we live in prosperous times and forget the wise counsel of our leaders. Heavenly Father will guide you if you pray and ask Him.